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    Ender 3 Pro not extruding well (Noob)

    I recently got my first 3D printer and am having issues with my prints. I completely assembled my ender 3 pro, follow tomb of 3d horrors video. I did the dog print which seemed to work fine, then I had failed prints. All the was coming out was the base of my miniatures and then the nozzle would keep going up with no filament coming out or very little strings. My friend used the same gcode file and the print came out fine on an ender 3. Attached are pictures. Is it possible my nozzle clogged after 1 print? I tried manually feeding pla through a preheated hot end and it is almost impossible, very little string with alot of pressure. My plan is to replace the boudon tube couplers and nozzle/clean debris. Any other ideas or issues that may be causing this, like something I did in assembly?

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