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    Angry filament stuck all over the nozzle

    (don't ask me about the model, it's a custom build)
    after an software error my 3d printer started extruding downwards and grabbed the whole printout with it, the result looks like that messs.jpg.
    what can i do to get rid of the filament? please help.

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    Assuming the extruder is well attached and not a weak point i would just twist it off. If thats risky use side cutters to remove some or
    warm it with a hairdryer/hot air gun.

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    it,s like all over the extruder... so much that you can't even see it. i'll probably try the second method but i doubt it will work.

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    I had that happen to my ender 3pro about 2 weeks ago. Was all over nozzel up and over fin thing. I would up disassembling and slowly breaking off runaway filament. Once cleaned off I reassmbeled hot end. Then thru temperature control I heated up nozzel to 200 and left for a min or two, After I pulled back filiament in boden tube feww inches. After that Ive had no more issues with that
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