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    Toyze App 3D Prints Popular Game Characters

    We have all seen the various companies out there who offer users the ability to 3D print figures, some via mobile apps, others with websites. One company however is stepping a little bit outside the box and offering 3D printed characters from popular games. The app will allow users to change the pose of each character, as well as add accessories to them. Toyze feels this is a great way for companies to extend their brands via 3D printing. More details on Toyze can be found here:

    Here is a look at the user interface of the Toyze application:

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    Some new developments guys! Toyze has just teamed with Pou, one of the most popular games there is on the Android Play Store, with over 200 million downloads. Users will now be able to manipulate characters from the game within the Toyze app, and have them 3D printed. More details on this story can be found here:

    Check out some 3D prints of Pou so far. Pretty cool if you ask me:

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