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    Exclamation Need some help/advice please! Cured resin on FEP. Thank you!

    I have just purchased a Phrozen Shuffle XL. Printing has been printing really well, however I have had some issues, not with the print itself but from very thin cured resin sticking to the FEP, but not in the area where the print is actually happening. There is very thin cured resin outside of where the print is even happening, it has no affect on the print itself but it is annoying having to clean it out after every print, when I am just trying to print right away again. Can anyone help me out as to what could be causing this? How to fix it? Thanks.

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    Faulty LCD screen? Is it always in the same spot?

    Screen letting light through where it should be blocking it. Can you load up an image that blocks light in that area
    and run it with the tank and bed removed. Do be careful with your eyes though.

    Does that make sense? You need an image on the screen where that area should be dark. If you see light then the
    screen is faulty.

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