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    Ender 3. Strange issue after crash.

    Hi everyone. I have an Ender 3 the crashed pretty hard into a large print. The leveling wheels at the back of the bed loosened and the back of the bed raised up and the nozzle got hung up behind the print... For, who knows how long. It managed to free itself but now I can't print anything. I can autohome fine. All motion works in the x, y and z axis using the manual control. When I try to print, the bed and nozzle heat up properly, but during the homing before the print, the bed moves all the way to the back and doesn't come forward as the print head comes down. The nozzle will then start printing in front of the bed while making a terrible grinding sound as it travels left and right. I'm stumped. I reloaded the eeprom, reflashed the firmware, same result. A couple times I got it to start printing but again, the bed continues to travel to the back and it prints off the front of the bed, grinding along. Any ideas if this is something I can fix before replacing the board?

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    Make a video of this, Upload to a share like google drive.
    You can then post a link to the share here.

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    Here is a short video of the issue.

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