I am running a Creality CR-10S and about the only thing that is not stock is the addition of a Micro Swiss Hotend. Recently upgraded and went to Marlin 2.0 firmware for added thermal runaway protection. The motherboard is a v2.1 We are now having temperature fluctuations that allow Marlin to shut the printer down because of thermal runaway protection. The C4 capacitor on the motherboard is marked:
220 – 16V -- RVT. I have also included a printout of the terminal values during printing. NOTE that I canceled the current print job before Marlin 2.0 canceled the print job. I also made sure there were no loose wires within the control box on the Mosfet as well as the terminal strip of the power supply. When at idle with no fan running the temperature fluctuates from 26.9 to 27.4 So what are your thoughts here as to why these temperatures are so unstable? Thanks in advance for your help

Recv: ok N55431 P0 B3
Send: N55432 M204 S500*102
Recv: ok N55432 P0 B3
Send: N55433 M205 X20 Y20*33
Recv: ok N55433 P1 B3
Send: N55434 G1 F1800 X121.742 Y152.049 E1135.72082*63
Recv: ok N55434 P0 B3
Send: N55435 M204 S5000*81
Recv: ok N55435 P1 B3
Send: N55436 M205 X30 Y30*36
Recv: ok N55436 P1 B3
Send: N55437 G0 F7200 X121.742 Y151.483*66
Recv: ok N55437 P1 B3
Send: N55438 M204 S500*108
Recv: ok N55438 P2 B3
Send: N55439 M205 X20 Y20*43
Recv: ok N55439 P2 B3
Send: N55440 G1 F1800 X122.851 Y150.374 E1135.7469*14
Recv: ok N55440 P1 B3
Send: N55441 M204 S5000*82
Recv: ok N55441 P1 B3
Send: N55442 M205 X30 Y30*39
Recv: ok N55442 P1 B3
Send: N55443 G0 F7200 X122.851 Y149.809*72
Recv: ok N55443 P1 B3
Send: N55444 M204 S500*103
Recv: ok N55444 P1 B3
Send: N55445 M205 X20 Y20*32
Recv: ok N55445 P1 B3
Send: N55446 G1 F1800 X121.742 Y150.917 E1135.77297*57
Recv: ok N55446 P0 B3
Send: N55447 M204 S5000*84
Recv: ok N55447 P0 B3
Send: N55448 M205 X30 Y30*45
Recv: ok N55448 P1 B3
Send: N55449 G0 F7200 X121.742 Y150.352*65
Recv: ok N55449 P1 B3
Send: N55450 M204 S500*98
Recv: ok N55450 P1 B3
Send: N55451 M205 X20 Y20*37
Recv: ok N55451 P1 B3
Send: N55452 G1 F1800 X122.85 Y149.244 E1135.79903*14
Recv: ok N55452 P0 B3
Send: N55453 M204 S5000*81
Recv: ok N55453 P1 B3
Send: N55454 M205 X30 Y30*32
Recv: ok N55454 P1 B3
Send: N55455 G0 F7200 X122.85 Y148.678*119
Recv: ok N55455 P1 B3
Send: N55456 M204 S500*100
Recv: ok N55456 P1 B3
Send: N55457 M205 X20 Y20*35
Recv: ok N55457 P1 B3
Send: N55458 G1 F1800 X121.742 Y149.786 E1135.82508*51
Recv: ok N55458 P1 B3
Send: N55459 M204 S5000*91
Recv: ok N55459 P2 B3
Send: N55460 M205 X30 Y30*39
Recv: ok N55460 P2 B3
Send: N55461 G0 F7200 X121.742 Y149.22*119
Recv: ok N55461 P1 B3
Send: N55462 M204 S500*99
Recv: ok N55462 P1 B3
Send: N55463 M205 X20 Y20*36
Recv: ok N55463 P1 B3
Send: N55464 G1 F1800 X122.85 Y148.112 E1135.85114*7
Recv: ok N55464 P1 B3
Send: N55465 M204 S5000*84
Recv: ok N55465 P1 B3
Send: N55466 M205 X30 Y30*33
Recv: ok N55466 P2 B3
Send: N55467 G0 F7200 X122.85 Y147.547*118
Recv: ok N55467 P1 B3
Send: N55468 M204 S500*105
Recv: ok N55468 P1 B3
Send: N55469 M205 X20 Y20*46
Recv: ok N55469 P1 B3
Send: N55470 G1 F1800 X121.742 Y148.655 E1135.8772*10
Recv: ok N55470 P1 B3
Send: N55471 M204 S5000*81
Recv: ok N55471 P1 B3
Send: N55472 M205 X30 Y30*36
Recv: ok N55472 P2 B3
Send: N55473 G0 F7200 X121.742 Y148.089*68
Recv: ok N55473 P1 B3
Send: N55474 M204 S500*100
Recv: ok N55474 P1 B3
Send: N55475 M205 X20 Y20*35
Recv: ok N55475 P1 B3
Send: N55476 G1 F1800 X122.85 Y146.981 E1135.90326*15
Recv: ok N55476 P0 B3
Send: N55477 M204 S5000*87
Recv: ok N55477 P0 B3
Send: N55478 M205 X30 Y30*46
Recv: ok N55478 P1 B3
Send: N55479 G0 F7200 X122.85 Y146.415*126
Recv: ok N55479 P0 B3
Send: N55480 M204 S500*111
Recv: ok N55480 P0 B3
Send: N55481 M205 X20 Y20*40
Recv: ok N55481 P1 B3
Send: N55482 G1 F1800 X121.742 Y147.523 E1135.92932*51
Recv: ok N55482 P0 B3
Send: N55483 M204 S5000*92
Recv: ok N55483 P0 B3
Send: N55484 M205 X30 Y30*45
Recv: ok N55484 P1 B3
Send: N55485 G0 F7200 X121.742 Y146.958*70
Recv: ok N55485 P0 B3
Send: N55486 M204 S500*105
Recv: ok N55486 P0 B3
Send: N55487 M205 X20 Y20*46
Recv: ok N55487 P1 B3
Send: N55488 G1 F1800 X122.858 Y145.842 E1135.95557*62
Recv: ok N55488 P0 B3
Send: N55489 M204 S5000*86
Recv: ok N55489 P0 B3
Send: N55490 M205 X30 Y30*40
Recv: ok N55490 P0 B3
Send: N55491 G0 F7200 X122.852 Y145.282*65
Recv: ok N55491 P0 B3
Send: N55492 M204 S500*108
Recv: ok N55492 P0 B3
Send: N55493 M205 X20 Y20*43
Recv: ok N55493 P0 B3
Send: N55494 G1 F1800 X121.742 Y146.392 E1135.98167*59
Recv: ok N55494 P0 B3
Send: N55495 M204 S5000*91
Recv: ok N55495 P0 B3
Send: N55496 M205 X30 Y30*46
Recv: ok N55496 P0 B3
Send: N55497 G0 F7200 X121.743 Y145.825*76
Recv: ok N55497 P0 B3
Send: N55498 M204 S500*102
Recv: ok N55498 P0 B3
Send: N55499 M205 X20 Y20*33
Recv: ok N55499 P0 B3
Send: N55500 G1 F1800 X122.852 Y144.717 E1136.00774*55
Recv: ok N55500 P0 B3
Send: N55501 M204 S5000*87
Recv: ok N55501 P0 B3
Send: N55502 M205 X30 Y30*34
Recv: ok N55502 P0 B3
Send: N55503 G0 F7200 X122.852 Y144.151*71
Recv: ok N55503 P0 B3
Send: N55504 M204 S500*98
Recv: ok N55504 P0 B3
Send: N55505 M205 X20 Y20*37
Recv: ok N55505 P1 B3
Send: N55506 G1 F1800 X121.743 Y145.26 E1136.03382*7
Recv: ok N55506 P0 B3
Send: N55507 M204 S5000*81
Recv: ok N55507 P1 B3
Send: N55508 M205 X30 Y30*40
Recv: ok N55508 P1 B3
Send: N55509 G0 F7200 X121.743 Y144.694*79
Recv: ok N55509 P1 B3
Send: N55510 M204 S500*103
Recv: ok N55510 P1 B3
Send: N55511 M205 X20 Y20*32
Recv: ok N55511 P1 B3
Send: N55512 G1 F1800 X122.852 Y143.585 E1136.05991*58
Recv: ok N55512 P0 B3
Send: N55513 M204 S5000*84
Recv: ok N55513 P0 B3
Send: N55514 M205 X30 Y30*37
Recv: ok N55514 P1 B3
Send: N55515 G0 F7200 X122.852 Y143.02*112
Recv: ok N55515 P0 B3
Send: N55516 M204 S500*97
Recv: ok N55516 P1 B3
Send: N55517 M205 X20 Y20*38
Recv: ok N55517 P1 B3
Send: N55518 G1 F1800 X121.743 Y144.128 E1136.08598*48
Recv: ok N55518 P0 B3
Send: N55519 M204 S5000*94
Recv: ok N55519 P1 B3
Send: N55520 M205 X30 Y30*34
Recv: T:229.94 /235.00 B:60.68 /60.00 @:0 B@:0
Recv: ok N55520 P2 B3
Send: N55521 G0 F7200 X121.743 Y143.563*73
Recv: ok N55521 P1 B3
Send: N55522 M204 S500*102
Recv: ok N55522 P1 B3
Send: N55523 M205 X20 Y20*33
Recv: ok N55523 P1 B3
Send: N55524 G1 F1800 X122.852 Y142.454 E1136.11206*51
Recv: ok N55524 P1 B3
Send: N55525 M204 S5000*81
Recv: ok N55525 P1 B3
Send: N55526 M205 X30 Y30*36
Recv: ok N55526 P2 B3
Send: N55527 G0 F7200 X122.852 Y141.888*73
Recv: ok N55527 P1 B3
Send: N55528 M204 S500*108
Recv: ok N55528 P1 B3
Send: N55529 M205 X20 Y20*43
Recv: ok N55529 P2 B3
Send: N55530 G1 F1800 X121.743 Y142.997 E1136.13814*51
Recv: ok N55530 P2 B3
Send: N55531 M204 S5000*84
Recv: ok N55531 P2 B3
Send: N55532 M205 X30 Y30*33
Recv: ok N55532 P2 B3
Send: N55533 G0 F7200 X121.743 Y142.431*77
Recv: ok N55533 P1 B3
Send: N55534 M204 S500*97
Recv: ok N55534 P1 B3
Send: N55535 M205 X20 Y20*38
Recv: ok N55535 P2 B3
Send: N55536 G1 F1800 X122.852 Y141.322 E1136.16422*50
Recv: ok N55536 P1 B3
Send: N55537 M204 S5000*82
Recv: ok N55537 P2 B3
Send: N55538 M205 X30 Y30*43
Recv: ok N55538 P2 B3
Send: N55539 G0 F7200 X122.852 Y140.756*75
Recv: ok N55539 P2 B3
Send: N55540 M204 S500*98
Recv: ok N55540 P2 B3
Send: N55541 M205 X20 Y20*37
Recv: ok N55541 P3 B3
Send: N55542 G1 F1800 X121.743 Y141.866 E1136.19032*60
Recv: ok N55542 P2 B3
Send: N55543 M204 S5000*81
Recv: ok N55543 P2 B3
Send: N55544 M205 X30 Y30*32
Recv: ok N55544 P2 B3
Send: N55545 G0 F7200 X121.743 Y141.3*74
Recv: ok N55545 P1 B3
Send: N55546 M204 S500*100
Recv: ok N55546 P2 B3
Send: N55547 M205 X20 Y20*35
Recv: ok N55547 P3 B3
Send: N55548 G1 F1800 X122.852 Y140.19 E1136.21641*2
Recv: ok N55548 P2 B3
Send: N55549 G1 X122.922 Y140.12*31
Recv: ok N55549 P2 B3
Send: N55550 M204 S5000*83
Recv: ok N55550 P2 B3
Send: N55551 M205 X30 Y30*36
Recv: ok N55551 P3 B3
Send: N55552 G0 F7200 X123.388 Y153.107*75
Recv: ok N55552 P1 B3
Send: N55553 G0 X127.542 Y158.977*41
Recv: ok N55553 P0 B3
Send: N55554 G0 X127.41 Y159.108*25
Recv: ok N55554 P0 B3
Send: N55555 M204 S500*102
Recv: ok N55555 P0 B3
Send: N55556 M205 X20 Y20*35
Recv: ok N55556 P1 B3
Send: N55557 G1 F1800 X127.532 Y159.269 E1136.21882*62
Recv: ok N55557 P0 B3
Send: N55558 G1 X129.04 Y161.155 E1136.24763*98
Recv: ok N55558 P0 B3
Send: N55559 G1 X131.148 Y163.573 E1136.28589*91
Recv: ok N55559 P0 B3
Send: N55560 G1 X131.283 Y163.72 E1136.28828*103
Recv: ok N55560 P0 B3
Send: N55561 M204 S5000*81
Recv: ok N55561 P0 B3
Send: N55562 M205 X30 Y30*36
Recv: ok N55562 P1 B3
Send: N55563 G0 F7200 X131.282 Y163.75*118
Recv: ok N55563 P1 B3
Send: N55564 G1 F2400 E1133.28828*60
Recv: ok N55564 P0 B3
Send: N55565 G0 F7200 X131.796 Y163.739*79
Recv: ok N55565 P0 B3
Send: N55566 G0 X132.568 Y163.41*23
Recv: ok N55566 P0 B3
Send: N55567 G0 X133.918 Y146.396*34
Recv: ok N55567 P0 B3
Send: N55568 G0 X135.157 Y146.077*36
Recv: ok N55568 P0 B3
Send: N55569 G0 X162.149 Y140.553*45
Recv: ok N55569 P0 B3
Send: N55570 G0 X163.315 Y141.087*34
Recv: ok N55570 P0 B3
Send: N55571 G0 X171.971 Y138.424*43
Recv: T:196.88 /235.00 B:60.64 /60.00 @:127 B@:0
Recv: ok N55571 P0 B3
Send: N55572 G0 X171.92 Y138.509*18
Recv: ok N55572 P0 B3
Send: N55573 M204 S500*98
Recv: ok N55573 P0 B3
Send: N55574 M205 X20 Y20*35
Recv: ok N55574 P0 B3
Send: N55575 G1 F2400 E1136.28828*57
Recv: ok N55575 P0 B3
Send: N55576 G1 F3600 X171.627 Y138.664 E1136.29379*60
Recv: ok N55576 P0 B3
Send: N55577 G1 X170.528 Y139.249 E1136.31449*84
Recv: ok N55577 P0 B3
Send: N55578 G1 X169.9 Y139.597 E1136.32643*90
Recv: ok N55578 P0 B3
Send: N55579 G1 X169.288 Y139.953 E1136.33821*95
Recv: ok N55579 P0 B3
Send: N55580 G1 X168.691 Y140.32 E1136.34986*111