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    Bad - Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 3D Printer

    Hi all,

    Ive got this printer from the university to finish my robotics project at home (due to the virus).
    I have tried to print out but it seems that at most cases the printer is not extruding properly. I have attached some photos of a few samples.
    I have tried hard to look at some example videos and manual instructions in order to fix this issue.
    I did tried to:
    Adjust the bed level and check with piece of paper, multiple times;
    Clean the nozzle and the filament pathway;
    Adjust the settings of the printer including: layer height, print speed, travel speed, infill density, retraction distance, retraction speed and the temperature of the nozzle/bed.

    Any ideas what else can be causing this issue?
    Its almost like the filament is sliding on the bed.

    In addition: the middle of the bed is slightly higher than all 4 corners. Perhaps what is the issue? If that`s the case, is there a way to solve it?

    Many thanks!

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    Hello. I have a bunch of experience with both the MP mini v1 and v2. These are very reliable little machines that are limited only by their build volume. Well, ok, they have a lot of limiting factors about them. But still, they are typically good and reliable machines. For the uneven bed you will find a happy bed height where the filament extrudes and sticks to the bed everywhere it prints. This can take time. But once set you will not have to play with it again. From what i see in your pictures there is something off in the settings in whatever slicer software you are using. Do you have 1.75mm selected for the filament diameter? If your slicer is set to 3mm filament you might get similar problems as what you are getting. Also the nozzle diameter on your printer is 0.4mm. That setting needs to be correct in your slicer. And then there is a thing about layer heights on these printers. Because of the specific stepper and leadscrew used for z there are less steps per mm on Z than with most printers. What this means is that there are specific layer heights we should be using for these printers. You can find the layer heights you should be using right here:

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    AutoWiz, thank you for your reply.

    I have tried very patiently to adjust the bed to get the perfect nozzle height, but my efforts were in vain.
    I used a piece of paper, when adjusted the 4 corners to check the gap of most of the locations. I tried to make the gap, so that the paper slips but with some friction.

    What I observed is that some parts of the printer seems higher than others (check the picture attached. Red is for higher, blue is for lower). Idk why but the middle of the bed is higher, thus tighter gap. And its actually printing fine in the middle, fails only in the corners.

    Im using Ultimaker Cura 4.5 and its recommended settings for the specified printer:
    Layer height: 0.175mm
    Infill density: 22%
    Printing Speed 30mm/s (originally was 50mm/s) (also tried 20, 10)
    Line width: 0.35mm.
    And so on.. Not sure how to adjust, maybe the bed can be replaced? Although it doesn’t look bent.

    P.S What do you mean by nozzle diameter in the slicer settings? (couldn`t find it in the search box)

    Kind Regards,
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    Good day,
    I have managed to get some better results. I have calibrated my bed height, super close to the nozzle. It leaves marks on the bed sometimes, although it did resulted some better prints (check pictures).
    I hope this will not damage the bed significantly.
    There is one other problem. The support layer is strongly stuck to the main base of the print. Its difficult to remove it and it does not peel off as it normally does (the fault displayed in the same pictures).
    Any idea of what causes it?
    Many thanks!


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