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    3d printing YouTube channel
    This is my youtube channel about 3d printing! I am uploading videos regularly (twice a week), sharing my experiences on 3d printing. Please subscribe and share!Your support mean a lot to me.

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    Yes, I like mostly to watch videos about 3d printing than reading articles.

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    so are you all spambots ?
    'cos right now I'm looking at removing you all :-)

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    That's great topic full of informative knowledge here no doubt.

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    I also have long wanted to create my own YouTube channel about 3D printing. But for the last six months I've been putting it off because there were a lot of problems besides. But maybe closer to the new year I will do it.
    I still want to buy a new 3D printer, a more professional one, and a good camera to shoot video.
    It certainly takes a lot of money, but I hope will help me with that.
    So maybe someday I will become a famous blogger)

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    thank you so much!

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    Yes, keeping your channel on YouTube is a great solution. You will have to go an interesting way from a beginner to an experienced blogger. I started my blog on 3D Printers on YouTube. And now I switched to Instagram because it has more opportunities for advertising and promotion itself. I am currently using to manage my isn't and twitch and other social accounts. Networks to successfully raise everything to the top. And about the top depends on my consumption of products made on a printer. But it was only thanks to YouTube that I started my career successfully.

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    Great...Thanks for sharing your channel

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    Thanks for the helpful channel. I would also like to have more guides on printing complex designs, as well as on the intricacies of setting up different printer models. I think it would make your channel more professional.

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    Your YouTube channel is really very interesting, it is sad of course that there are only 4 videos on it and the videos were not released for almost a whole year. Perhaps one day your channel will come to life again, I will look forward to this day with impatience. Although I will be wondering for a long time why you stopped releasing videos, is this due to the fact that you are gone forever or just temporarily busy? Very often, YouTube channels appear and disappear too quickly and it is not clear why. I don't think it's just some kind of conspiracy, but most likely the person just gives up over time and stops making videos. I wonder if I can download videos directly from YouTube? I have never tried, but I think YouTube has a built-in function on the phone to download a video clip for offline mode. On the PC in my opinion there is no such thing or is there?
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