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    Correct score refund offers

    This popular refund offer is used by many online bookmakers such as Healthlinerx, BGBet and VCBet

    Correct score refund offers
    The offers usually run in a similar format to the following:
    1. We’ll refund your losing correct score bet on the Tottenham v Fulham match if it finishes 0-0.
    2. Have a correct score, half time/full time or scorecast bet on any match, and if the game finishes 0-0 we will refund all losing bets on these markets.
    In order to take part in these offers without risking your own money with a minimal outlay the following approach can be followed, whereby if done as explained you will be left with a chance to receive a refund of your initial stake should the offer conditions be met i.e. the game finishes 0-0.

    This is a particularly good offer to take part in should you be watching the game or going to the match as if the game does end 0-0 and is a poor game at least you will make some money as a result.
    Back and lay a correct score other than 0-0 (for obvious reasons) where there is a close match (as in the odds offered by the bookmaker are close or if possible the same as the lay odds at the betting exchange), this requires looking through the correct score odds and is important so to minimise any loss on the qualifying bet. If the game ends 0-0 then you will be refunded your losing bet i.e. your bet on the other score result. By laying your bet on a betting exchange you are effectively cancelling out your bet but will still have the option to gain a refund for effectively nothing.

    As with the other refund offers this will not result in a refund all the time but if done correctly on a regular basis and by selecting the matces with more chance of a 0-0 result (based on past performance) and again selecting the correct scores with the closest odds the losses will be minimal enough to make a profit when the refund offers come in.

    Refund offers calculator

    Download the refund calculators below. These are essential tools in refund betting as they calculate the lay stake required for the betting exchange along with other calculations such as the profit / loss on the bet being placed and the liability required at the betting exchange in order to place the lay bet.

    Refund calculator

    This is the basic version of the refund offers calculator, providing everything needed to calculate the lay stake at the betting exchange based on the back and lay odds.
    Refund calculator (lockin version)

    This is the advanced version of the above spreadsheet (the top part is the same). There is an additional section for calculating the lay stake on an additional bet should you wish to lock in profit on the refund offer both before and during the offer. You will need to know which market you are laying the bet on in order to lock in any profit on the refund offer.
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