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    CR10-S Pro FW upgrade

    Hi everyone,

    I have reviewed within last couple of days several websites and docs about upgrading FW of CR10-S pro from Creality. When I have understood it right, a FW upgrade to Marlin 2.x for example only makes sense, if the BL touch sensor is assembled. TinyMachine so far provides a guidance and required files onyl in combination for this type of sensor.

    I have default capacitiv sensor mounted on my printer (no BL touch) as it was assembled in Creality factory. Current used FW iAt s 1.70.1.

    2 Questions to you please:

    - Are beside of the BL touch any other advantages existing, for which an upgarde to Marlin 2.x FW makes sense?
    - If I don't change to BL touch sensor, I assume I am not able to update to another FW, correct?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.
    br, Sam

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    Hello. I have been bragging on 2 printers that I have recently reworked. I run both with marlin 2.x one runs a bltouch and the other runs a npn proximity switch a lot like what you have. It is a simple change in marlin to comment out BLTouch and setup for a fixed Z probe. Honestly if you ask me the 2.x firmware with the support for all the newer drivers is really meant for the 32 bit controllers. Or at least that is the way the world is trending anyways. Have you considered a 32 bit controller, yet? Like the SKR 1.4 or 1.4 Turbo? these controllers are dirt cheap and bring big time improvments to your machine. And if paired with a 24v power supply and a set of tmc2209 drivers you could really bring that printer up to speed. Literally. I mean to update the firmware on the old Arduino mega/ramps combined boards does little for those random blobs in our prints from the printers motions momentarily pausing while the 8 bit controller tries top resolve its math calculations. 32 bit controller, tmc2209 run in uart with a 24v power supply and learn how to configure marlin yourself. It is PAINFULLY easy if you just try it. Or go find a tutorial on youtube.

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    Many Thx AutoWiz for your feedback - I will try it.
    br, Sam

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    As autowiz says, a board update is a huge improvement. as far as firmware, I'm not so good with the software side of things, but found Cheetah 5.0 to be extremely intuitive and easy to compile/flash and seems to work well for me

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