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    Simple question for Newbie

    Just a quick question. I just installed a Qidi X-Plus. unpacked and running first job, less than 30 minutes. It is still running and my question when it it done to I have to remove the spool and put it in a dry place or can I leave it on the printer. Also do I have to remove the filament when I am complete or do we just leave it in the head. I would look all this up but its running and I dont want to screw up the printer as fast as I got it up and running.

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    If you plan on using the printer again in the next 12 hours I leave the filament installed. If not I pull up the tube and cut it an inch above the extruder.. i have a direct drive so that does not waste any filament and I can put the spool away. Next time I need to use it, I heat the hot end, back out the short piece and insert the end of the spool and I am ready to go.
    Hope that helps

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    Store your filament in a dry container, even a zip-lock type bag, with a bag of desiccant inside. It may also be necessary to bake the desiccant periodically to ensure that it's absorbing moisture from the air. PLA absorbs moisure, ABS not so much, PVA is a sponge as is nylon. Dry is always good.

    When you eject your filament, use extrude for a few millimeters, then retract fully. This ensures you'll pull the nozzle clear and prevent/reduce future clogging.

    Good luck with your new printer.

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    depends on where you have it and the filament.

    I generally leave it in the machine. Good pla has absolutely no problem with this and can be left for days/weeks with no issues.
    dodgy pla will go brittle in a couple of days and snap between the spool and the printhead.

    And there's no way of knowing which is which without leaving it :-)

    I'm lazy, so I tend to just leave it. :-)

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