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    Question QIDI x-smart accessories

    My husband recently bought a Qidi x-smart and has been playing with it constantly. His birthday is coming up and I am wondering if anyone could suggest "must have" accessories/additions for this printer or for printing in general. He already has a good assortment of filament.

    Thanks for your input.


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    Maybe filament storage containers to keep it dry? Or a filament drying device. You can easily make one of those from a food dehydrator though .

    You could get him a raspberry pi so he can learn to use octoprint and be able to monitor and control his printer remotely/online.

    A few suggestions

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    For filament storage containers a lot of people use Rubbermaid large cereal containers. I think they’re 21cup but could be wrong. I like weatherproof file boxes from office stores to hold many rolls.

    Another gift idea would be the desiccant pellets for keeping the containers dry. Buy it in bulk and then you can print smaller containers to hold it in.

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