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    Beginner Resin printer help


    I recently purchased the Anycubic Photon resin printer to mostly print tabletop miniatures. When the print finished, the arms and the spear they were holding were completely flat. Is there a setting in the slicing software I am missing that'll fix this issue? I have included pictures of them below.

    Thanks in advance!
    failed print 1.jpgfailed print 2.jpg

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    not used a resin slicer - do you get a print previw ? if so check it's not the model that's the problem rather than the printer.

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    You need to use supports! Those areas look as if they were unsupported, which means they would not lift off the bed until the print reached the arm-pit area, which is why they look flat. Since they didn't peel off the bed, every slice of the spear printed on top of itself.

    My suggestion: use Chitubox, and watch this guys excellent videos on how to do supports:

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