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    Makerbot Z18 part or part file

    I have a Z18 in my high school Pre Engineering lab. A very small part that is a component of the door latching system snapped. MakerBot communicated to me that they do not sell and do not have (or will not share) the file for the part. The only solution the customer support agent had after many emails was to tape the door limit switch in the closed position to avoid the error "door open" that is hindering my class now. When I asked if I could buy a new door they told me the only way is to pay for makercare, which is not an option for my school because of the cost ($750/year).The part is the is a 6mm base with a 6mm cylindrical rod and a 3mm ball on the end of it. I have included photos of the broken piece. I am hoping to find:- a reseller of used parts- a seller of bootleg MakerBot parts- someone that has MakerBot part files so that I could print the piece myself
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