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    Ender 3 large flat surface printing problem

    i am printing large flat surface (plate): 210cm(W) x 201cm (L) x 2,5mm (H). Some technical characteristics:
    Printer - Ender3;
    slicer - Cura 4.4.1;
    Filament - PETG black Devil Design;
    built plate temperature: 75 degrees C;
    nozzle temperature: 235 degrees C;
    layer height - 0,2mm;
    retraction - 6,5mm;
    retraction speed - 25mm/s;
    print speed - 50mm/sec;
    combing mode - all;
    fan speed at layer 1 - 0%;
    fan sped at all other layers - 50%.

    When printing first 2 layers, they were perfect: surface of the printing part is very even, no stringing. But at the 3rd layer strange thing happened: layer became uneven. It seems like the veins popped up from the surface. Also stringing occurred.
    I have no clue what causes this problem, because layer below corrupted layer is completely flat. I have tried to increase/decrease nozzle temperature by 5 degrees C, increase/decrease fan speed but these changes do not had any effect. Maybe someone have faced with similar problem?

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    Can not see that picture, it is too small. First thing, no fan at all, I print PETG all day with the parts fan removed from the machine. Second you are using an Ender 3 so could very well be a mechanical issue which I can not help you with.
    Sorry I not much help but I other than the fan I see nothing in your setting that would cause issue, assuming a 6.5mm retraction is correct for the Ender
    PETG does not like thin layers in my experience so if you can increase your layer height it may be helpful.

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