Hello, 3d Printer users. :-)I recently designed a sketch of a part that I wanted to print on my 3d Printer (Anycube).I have very little experience with the whole process, though I do get the steps to be taken.However, the problem is that I cannot export my DesignSpark Mechanical drawing to Ultimaker Cura, to create an STL file.Actually, with an older version of Cura, 3.[something], it looked as if I managed to export it. But according to a friend of mine who had the same experience with Cura, I missed some options to set the filling, etc. (?), so I upgraded Cura to version 4.4.1.Now, while trying to export it, I get a strange error.Could someone, according to the error, determine if it is a wrong version of Cura, a problem with my laptop (old?) or just an error in the sketch, preventing me to get it exported?Kind regards of a very new member. ;-)crash report.jpg