Just got a Flash forge guider 2 and ordered a High Temperature Extruder Kit: https://www.digitmakers.ca/products/...d-parts-canadaThis converts the unit from a Guider 2 to a 2sAccording to the Flash forge manual: https://www.edv-3d-druck.de/media/pd...emp_nozzle.pdf it comes with a Red Air Guide.9873ddc227528895f493d98c2a25aefa.jpgHowever mine did not come with the Red Air Guide, so i wondering if its just a cosmetic part so you can visually identify the High Temp extruder from the Standard, or Perhaps its made from a higher temperature resistant material? Compared to the stock Black Air Guide it seems mechanically interchangeable. I wondering if anyone has any 1st hand knowledge with the High Temperature Extruder Kit. I will get it if its mission critical, but it appears very hard to obtain in the U.S. and don't feel like wasting time and money on it if I don't have too.Thanks