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    Resin Print Survey For Highschool Project

    Hi, my name is Casch Somerville. I am a PLTW pre-engineering student at The Caperton Center for Applied Technologies in Parkersburg, WV. I am working on a problem solving project. The problem my partners and I have chose to solve involves resin printers and for our problem justification and research, we need to have people take a survey involving our problem. If you have the time please take the following survey and either comment your answers or email them to me at Thankyou

    1. Do you use a 3d resin printer? Yes No

      1. If no then skip rest of survey

    2. Do you use a resin printer on a regular basis? Yes No
    3. Do you use different resins while printing? Yes No
    4. Have you personally switched the resin in the printer? Yes No
    5. Have you personally cleaned the resin out of your printer before? Yes No
    6. Did you have trouble getting the resin tray completely clean? Yes No
    7. Did you encounter any spillage when cleaning the resin tray? Yes No
    8. Did you personally get resin on your body, clothes or materials in the cleaning process? Yes No
    9. Did you encounter any other difficulties or problems when cleaning the resin tray? Yes No

      1. If so, state the issue.

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    I 'm going to fail my school project because none of the 170+ viewers of this thread responded....

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