So i'm currently in "shop reorganization" mode making preparations for my new ADMINLab Gantry Pro, and my Tevo Tarantula Pro. I'm new to the 3D printing world, but i'm 53 , and have an advance level of hands on tinkering. (I do CNC machining by trade ) . After a close inspection of my ADIMLab Gantry Pro even as a novice , I definitely realize that this is budget machine, many composite parts that SHOULD be aluminum. My plan is to get this up and running box stock, print simple small parts and learn . The next step is to get this machine up to a good quality level. It won't be hard , just will take some intuitive though. I'm disappointed that my ADIMLab Gantry only uses 20mm "2020" type extruded frame which is pretty dam flimsy IMO. My first thoughts are the fact SO many users have issues directly related to what sounds like improper bed leveling. The problem with these "gantry" style printers is the fact they are designed so as to not really allow proper fram rigidity, especially the base frame. I can actually flex the base frame on my AGP. My assumption is if you have a good level and you move your machine by lifting you now have lost your level. I'm now a firm believer that these gantry machines need some type of "backbone" type frame design to help maintain "square and level". Now maybe i'm over thinking this but with ANY type of servo driven CNC machine you NEED to first be level, then you need to be rigid. A simple strut design would be of great help to add a "backbone" to the design therefore eliminating unwanted flexing. I'll update this thread with pics as I make progress. Meanwhile would like your comments.