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    Cyclical gaps on Tevo Tarantula First Layer Prints

    Hey everybody! I recently upgraded a couple of things on my Tevo Tarantula with those being the hotend, removable print bed and changing the bed carriage to linear bearings on shafts rather than the original roller design.I recently finished the changes and have started running some test prints through the machine. So far I have only run a first layer print to make sure my bed is level. I have raised and lowered the bed and the temperature and I am routinely getting a first layer print that contains cyclical gaps and I am not sure what is causing. I have run a PID tune and am able to keep the hotend temperature within 1 degree Celsius of the the set temperature. I have run sheets of paper from thinner notebook paper to thicker card stock to level the bed at the four corners and have always yeilded the same results. I am at my wit's end and could use any help diagnosing the problem and finding a solution. If anyone has any ideas, I am all ears.I am printing on a Tevo Tarantula using AmazonBasics White PLA filament at 210 C printing at 50 mm/s. I have attached an image of the most recent attempt after lowering the bed some.
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