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    Lightbulb 3rd printer grabber

    I'm looking to encourage people to pickup trash in their communities by arming them with a 3rd printed grabber stick. The problem is I don't have this grabber stick. We're looking for someone to find or create a cost-effective design of a stick that grabs things. The nonprofit I serve as president of Sacramento Valley Spark won a small grant from the Burning Man Burner Without Boarder to create a trash collection challenge "Moop Your City." During the event teams of volunteers -- armed with Moop sticks -- will pick up trash from their favorite park, beach or neighborhood. Can you make a grabber/"Moop Stick?"

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    pretty sure there are a numbe of designs on thingiverse.

    Unless you have money in exchange for designs - in which case, nope, uh ur, nothing on thingiverse ;-)

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