Hi everyone! I bought a used QiDi tech 1 printer a few months ago and have been have having difficulties up in running.
Since I started, the prints have been coming out with a lot of layer shift problems, to illustrate I put some pictures at the bottom of what I've been working with.

I've done some research on layer shifting and tried some of the common solution. So far I've tried the layer height in my slicer the most recent print was at 0.2 mm from 0.1mm; I've slown my motor speed down to 5mm/s for base and 10mm/s for infill; I've tightened the motors to make sure there wasn't any slack on the drive belts, I even swapped the motors at one point; and I've replaced the wiring harness for the motors in case they were damaged.

I'm not sure what else I can try at this point, other than flashing the board which I'm nervous to try, or if there are better solutions I just haven't explored yet.

Thanks in advance for the help!