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    How do I make something like this?

    Hello,I have no experience with 3D printing and I was wondering how I would go about making a grip that slides on my Virtual Reality controller like the reference photo below. Would I be able to scan the controller, edit out the top half, and make it hollow with free software? Thank you.
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    scanning is not a good option. Unless you know someone with an industrial scanner who will do it for you.

    Generally much quicker and easier and more accurate to use digital calipers to measuure it.
    Something like that handle is fairly easy to make in openscad.
    Probably fairly easy in tinkercad too.

    Make it from flexible pla.

    Now all that said.
    It's 'easy' if you know how to measure something with digital calipers AND know how to use a cad program of some kind.

    So you have 2 options.
    1) learn how to make things yourself.
    2) pay someone to make it for you.
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    Thanks for the information. Its really amazing. You have to learn from other to pay the money.
    You need to use cad program to use this type of design.

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    I am also looking for 3D printing app

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