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    I can't remove my printins from the new crystal bed

    I've bought a new crystal bed for my Ender 3 because the one that comes with the printer was kind of worn out and not very beautiful. But after my first printing I find it impossible to remove the piece, it's stuck as hell. I've tried everything I've seen on the Internet:- Putting the crystal bed with the piece in the freezer for 15 minutes - Reheating the bed with the plate on- Using a 50% alcohol and 50% water solution to try and remove it- Of course, fist of all, using the scratcherAll of them with no results. Any ideas, please?

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    I use a cake icing spatula. for items that are more than 10mm tall I smack them with the wooden handle of the spatula. For smaller items I smack them with the blade of the spatula so to goes under the first layer.
    Mine looks just like this

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    often a sharp tap will knock somethiong loose.

    what's a crystal bed made of ?

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