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    Printer recommendation...

    I have been going back and forth over what I want. I currently have an Ender 3 with a lot of mods and it pretty much sucks to deal with day in and day out. Here is what I want: 1. Something that is less of a pain than the Ender 3.2. Auto bed leveling3. Works well with S3d4. Possibly enclosed.5. Large print area to large prints6. $600 range. I am flexible.My budget before was quite a bit more but life changes. I hope some of you have some recommendations.Thank you!!!

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    I have an opportunity at an older Ultimaker 2 for $450. I am not sure the Ultimaker 2 is worth $450 as it is probably 5+ years old but I have seen videos of it run and it seems to work well. Thoughts?

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    Hmm, make sure you can get 2.85mm filament easily.
    $450 seems high for a 5 year old machine.
    Get it down to $300 and it might be worth a punt :-)

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