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    Printing long tube with TPU and getting jagged seam

    Just got an Ender 3 pro printer and made a few things with the sample PLA everything went smooth. I've ordered more PLA but at the moment all that I have is a roll of PETG and TPU. The PETG I had issues with and decided to leave that be for now until I get more experience. I managed to make an antenna housing STL using Fusion and got it to print with TPU. First print made it about 75% and then made just a lump of plastic at the top. Of course I was just using stock PLA settings. I read tips on line and adjusted a few settings and then it managed to print the entire thing. I'd like to clean it up... there is a jagged edge on one side where the printer goes in a circle to make the wall of the tube and sometimes it stops and goes the other way around. The finished tube has a jagged seam. I would think if the print head just kept going in the same direction that it would not create this seam but I have no idea what to change or if it can be done. Does the drawing need to be changed somehow? Printer settings? or something else?

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    you need to set the layer start point to 'random' in the slicer.

    The z seam is when the pribnter is set to start each layer at the same point :-)

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