I've encountered some frustrations when most recently printing models using rafts with my MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen. The 3D printer indicates that its firmware is up-to-date ( and the MakerBot Print app is also up-to-date (

It appears that when printing with rafts, the MakerBot Print application now adds these "rings" around the outer edges of my rafts, as seen in the image below.


This appears to be a new "feature", as earlier prints of mine had normal rafts without this outline. These rings have the unfortunate side-effect of making the rafts difficult to remove from my models, and thus invalidating my previously-correct print settings. Here's a complete list of my raft print settings, for reference.

Base layer: Raft
Brims Model Offset: 0mm
Filament Cooling Fan Speed: 50%
Extruder 1 Filament Cooling Fan Speed: 50%
Print Speed: 10mm/s
Number of External Brims: 0
Number of Internal Brims: 0
Raft to Model Shell Vertical Offset: 0.23mm
Raft to Model Vertical offset: 0.3mm
Offset from Model Edge: 4mm

I cannot find a way to remove those raft rings in the print settings. Does anyone know of a way to remove them? I can't find anything in the MakerBot release notes or the print settings that discuss this peculiar feature.

Thanks very much for any help.