Hey guys. I recently decided to switch from the Qidi slicer to Cura. I can get it to print, but it is severely under-extruded. Benchy looks like a benchy-shaped, dense wad of crusty hair. It's fun. Flow is set at 100% and I have set line width as high as 0.8mm with layer height as high as 0.4mm. Is there some setting that I need to check to resolve this or might it be something in the print profile? I'm not where I can look at specific settings atm, but if anyone needs to know anything I'll get you an answer asap. I got these settings from another forum when setting it up. Apparently it worked for them.

X (Width): 150mmY
(Depth): 150mmZ
(Height): 145mm
Build plate shape: Rectangular
Origin at center: UNCHECKED
Heated bed: CHECKED
Gcode flavor: Marlin
Material diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle size: 0.4mm
Printhead settings / Gantry height: all 0mm

I also put in the start and stop gcode.