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    Is aluminum 7075 printable?

    Hello everybody

    I am new to this forum and I have a beginner question. We manufacture jaws from high-strength 7075 aluminum. You can see how the parts look here:

    Now to my question: Is aluminum EN AW-7075 printable? We have to make special jaws regularly. If we only had to finish printed blanks it would be a great thing. Do you have a tip with which printer that would be feasible?

    Warm greetings from Germany

    PS: I hope you understand my English. :-)

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    how large are the jaws and what kind of budget are you looking at ?

    Yes aluminium 7075 is available for 3d printing.


    Both of these machine setups will probably cost around the 150-200,000 euro mark.
    I can find no price listing for the fabrisonic 1200 - the manufacturers say it is 'affordable' - but that can mean anything.
    That's your best option anyway :-)

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    Many thanks for your response

    The jaws have different sizes from 30x30x70mm to 200x100x100.

    I ask the companies for some information.

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    My understanding with printed metal parts is that they will be similar to powered metal parts (for instance powdered metal gears). THey are not 100% dense and instead in the ~95% range. Because of that, they might not be a great fit for something with high compression loads like a set of jaws.

    Then again, I might be completely wrong on this.

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    Thank you for that thought. We absolutely have to try it.

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