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    help support machine 1324

    support machine 1324. I need alittle help because fusion 3 will not support me without a large fee because of a mistake they made a few years ago. I would like just a email to them saying support machine 1324 please. im reaching out to all who love 3d printing to say this hoping fusion 3 sees their mistake is not supporting me as their 3d printers should be covered. their email is or go to their website and reply please. any support in this matter is awesome thank you

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    I do really need help I cant print and my fusion is just a table to put stuff on now.

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    how old is the machine and where did you purchase it ?
    different countries have different warranty laws.

    europe is standard 3 years on electrical equipment, the uk is 12 months and the us seems to be whatever the manufacturer wants it to be from 30 days upwards.
    For all I know Trump may have passed a law banning warranties and making you pay them for any problems ;-)

    Also what is wrong with the machine ?

    I certainly don't recommend the forum mail bomb a manufacturer without significantly more information that you've currently given :-)
    which can be boiled down to: 'my machine is dead, I may have had it for some years and they won't fix it for free any more.'

    Nowhere enough info to make a decision on.

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    We took some time out of our day and made some additional calls to help you figure out this situation. Here’s what we found based on all the information we received from fusion and the company we bought if from. Lots of information from both fusion and the reseller.

    Fusion needs to stop scamming you and give you the support you are entitled to without having to pay any additional funds. It’s upsetting this is even an issue, and Fusion better stand behind their product like they say they do!

    When I called Fusion I spoke with Chip, I believe he’s a manager. Chip seems to be trying to blame this issue on everyone but themselves, possibly trying to save face? Regardless, Fusion would still appear to remain completely responsible for providing lifetime technical support and have no right to deny that, regardless of past mistakes with their dealings. There are no restrictions on their site we could seem to find. Sounds like they should answer your questions without issue and seems ridiculous that they are trying to deny it for their own errors. This machine had never been “stolen”. Chip admittedly stated Fusion gave this machine to a gentleman/company who performed online reviews. Chip said to look on reviewboard, so we did, and this is the only thing we found:

    Fusions story matches the story we received when we bought the machine from the pawn shop. It was attained from a guy/company who did online product reviews. The pawn shop we purchased this from has well over 1000 positive transactions on eBay so we feel comfortable trusting what they have stated. Ebay does not mess around, if this company was not legit or tied to shady dealings, they would be banned immediately.

    According to Chip, after they sent the machine to the guy/company who did the reviews, they realized the contract stated that they were able to keep the product after the review. Apparently Fusion did not see the fine print at first and this seems to be a huge over-site on Fusions end from what we have gathered! Fusion wanted the machine back but agreed on a contract unfortunately. Seems someone at Fusion made a mistake? So how’s this any of our fault or problem? We don’t know and technically it’s not. Fusion then contacted the police and/or FBI to try to find a way to retrieve their product that they literally just gave away before understanding and reviewing the contract that they signed and agreed on.

    Fusion stated to us they no longer wanted the machine back, most likely because it sounds like they did not have any recourse to retrieve the machine, otherwise they would surely would have taken it back. It sounds like they accidentally gave it away. From what we have gathered, this machine was never stolen, but in fact given away by fusion without understanding the contract agreement from the reviewer per what Chip stated. This should NOT be any of our problem, only theirs. From everything we can find, this machine, actually all Fusion machines, come with LIFETIME support as stated by Fusion and Fusions literature:

    Fusion has no right to cancel a company stated ”lifetime technical support” due to a disagreement or miscommunication they may have had in the past due to an apparent corporate level contract misunderstanding. Seems they should have never given out a machine without thoroughly understanding the contract before hand.

    You should highlight all their literature stating that this machine comes with lifetime support, and ask where it states it can be canceled for any reason, such as this. It is clearly stated they include LIFETIME technical support all over their website. You should also explain that you have a receipt of purchase, you own this machine, and how they can’t deny support to you as the owner. Seems like they are trying to recoup $500 unnecessary dollars to help compensate for their mistake! Or trying to sell you their “one year enhanced support plan” for no good reason, unless you need enhanced support.

    We hope this helps you get the technical support you are requesting from them. Seems the only people who made a mistake or who are in the wrong here is Fusion. It would seem to us that if they don’t honor their advertised support on there product, that would be illegal. I would call Fusion again and ask to talk to a higher up manager, someone above Chips level.

    It sounds like a crappy situation for Fusion, but it’s not your fault that they had a misunderstanding with this review guy and accidentally gave away a machine. You’re an honest law-abiding owner of this machine and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give you tech-support by answering a quick simple question. Especially when all the literature says lifetime tech support... It’s not like you’re going to need tons of help or for warranties pets or anything, LOL.

    You should tell them that’s the only reason you bought the machine is you wanted to buy one from a company that stood behind their products, but here they are not standing behind it at all for you! For something super simple at that. ( this is from the lady whom owns a auto shop I bought this from. I lost the sd card to run the machine so fusion will not give me the files for a new one without paying 500 for one year support. Machine 1324 is about 3 years old and really has not run many parts.

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    okay - first: stop spamming the forum. Keep this in THIS thread or you will be removed.
    I've only been logged on 10 minutes and you've already annoyed me this morning.

    second: you bought a used machine from a pawn shop and three years later you expect the manufacturers to do something for you for free ?
    Or apparently an auto shop. So you don't even seem to know where you bought it.

    Also you STILL have not mentioned the actual problem with the machine, in any way, shape or form.
    An sd card with software ?
    All of which is probably available for download from the fusion3 website. Sd cards cost a few bucks.
    And all they do is hold the gcode generated by the slicer.
    They don't 'run the machine'.
    ANY sdcard can have gcode written to it.

    Also what model printer is this ?
    OKay so it's an f400 and it originally came with simplify3d - which is NOT supplied on an sdcard but downloaded from the s3d website.
    Not sure how you would transfer an s3d licence through that purchase chain anyway.
    But that's definitely not a fusion3 issue anyway.

    So WHAT is your actual problem ????
    Are you just trying to get a free version of simplify3d ?
    Is there actually any problem with the machine's hardware ?

    Are you even aware that ANY slicer will produce files that will run the printer ?
    Have you tried: slic3r, cura, prusaslicer, repetier, etc

    At the moment, all I see is someone attacking fusion for no good reason and - possibly - trying to scam a free version of simplify3d from them.
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    Sorry if you got annoyed. I am everyday I look at this machine. Fusion supplies a sd card with all the specs of this unit to run properly and I just want those files to put on a sd card. I have simplify3d so that is not a issue at all. You cannot download the files on there website.

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    it's just a bog standard 3d printer. No special files should be needed.

    So what is not working ?
    you still have not explained what the actual problem is.

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    The sd card that comes with the printer are not interchangeable. Each printer has it's own sd card with calibration values specific to that printer. _____________ this quote is right out of the manual.

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    but surely all of that is stored in the simplify3d profiles anyway ?
    what I'm trying to get at is why the printer is not working.

    If there is nothing actually wrong with the printer's hardware and you haven't deleted the s3d profiles.
    I just can't see what the problem is.
    You say the machine does not work - WHY DOES IT NOT WORK ????

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