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    Can't Print Vertical Columns or Tubes

    I have finally gotten most of my settings dialed in with PETG on my Maker Select v2, but I'm having massive issues trying to print columns, or any other type of vertical, rounded feature. The circular layers start off normal, but then distort and eventually I just have shredded plastic knots where the columns should be. Can anyone suggest the key features that would be affecting this aspect of my prints? I extrude at 250C.


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    I use eSun petg all the time .. 230C 70C bed. you are away to hot. Slow down. should be at about 25mmS if that on those tiny little columns.

    eSun PETG picture attached
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    also print several at once - for small vertical items you need time for the layers to harden properly before the next one is laid down. Otherwise you are trying to lay hot plastic down on soft warm plastic and you just get a mess :-)

    Best way is to do several at a time.

    Mind you those look like pretty big items - so probably just printing too fast and too hot.

    Pet-g does not like to be hurried :-)
    Think of it as on rural time rather than city time ;-)

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    To solve the problem of vertical column or tubes printing you can Follow the directions of the calibration or alignment wizard to complete the alignment process.

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