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    How to handle auditors when they come for an audit

    The relationship between an auditor and company management is one that filled with a bit of friction, given their different roles – although both strive for the same result. Standard and regulatory authorities require the auditor to be independent which doesn’t always go down too well with the client/company creating a very different viewpoint of an auditor. While the management expects a fully independent report on the financial performance of the company, in compliance with accounting standards and tax laws, they seem to be disappointed with the auditor If that’s not the case.

    With the introduction of VAT in the UAE, there has been a lot of debate on the matter regarding VAT consultancy in Dubai, and whether or not the companies operating here are tax compliant or not. Here is when the need arose to partner with audit firms in Dubai, to avoid any legal issues.

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    There should be always friction between company management and the auditor. diamonds rings near me If you are going to show your stands high there will a problem always that you have to face. You have to be in good terms the auditor.

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