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    Looking for help with printing issue Anycubic Chiron

    When I first got this printer I only had issues with small details. Have since found out those issues were caused by z wobble and fixed that issue but now I am still having issues getting a benchy to come out really good. for the most part I am having issues with the bow of the ship as it looks like its just melted off, but I have tried reducing printing temp down as far as 190 and the print got more stringy than before and still had the same issue. I also attached a photo of the front window of the benchy as that overhang is also kinda bad but that might just be caused by the 90 degree overhang.

    Benchy 1 is showing the overhang if anyone has some tips to try and clean that up a bit

    Benchy 2 is the real issue I am having with the bow of the ship.

    Settings I used on that print were:
    200 degree print temp
    60 degree bed temp
    0.08mm layer height
    60mm/s print speed

    using Cura for splicing

    If you need anymore info please let me know as I dont know what other info is important
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