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    Stringing issues with nylon

    I have been printing on a Creality 10s with E3d hotend for about 3 months now with decent success using PLA and PETG. I recently started working with nylon because I'm primarily interested in building the toughest components possible for remote solar sites. A few of the prints have turned out great and I'm impressed with how tough it is but any complex shape has had problems with stringing. I have messed with heat settings (between 250-285), retraction(3 mm and 8mm), travel paths, print speed and travel speed faster and slower, coasting on and off. I haven't had a single setting change that has had much of an impact and all of my prints have been unusable or require a ton of cleanup. Any thoughts what I'm missing here?I'm using Taulman 3d alloy 910 HDT and 645 1.75 with .4 nozzle. Both oven dried overnight at 150. TIAsee attached for a test print on the alloy 910 HDT
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    Seems a bit hot.. Make a test model of a single tower of the same diameter as you finished part but a little taller, print it at 250 then try and break it (you are checking layer bonding here. Lower the temp to 245 and try again.. and keep going down until you have issues with layers not bonding. Go back up 5 degrees, retest and if strong, test your normal print and see if you still get strings, assuming you will be at a lower temp than you are now..
    You did not say what your layer height is.. For a strong part, less layer is stronger so use the highest layer height you can for the "required" functionality, and ignore visual appearances.
    You said you messed with speed.. I can not tell how small that part is but the smaller the part the slow it should print for best accuracy. Travel speed when not printing will make things string if too fast.. my printer defaults to 300mmS XY speed for non printing movement. I set it to 200 and deal with the longer print time as there is less stings with PETG. Sometimes will even go lower..
    Good luck!

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    yeah nylon strings, just the nature of the beast.

    the 645 is probably as good as cheap nylon gets that can be printed without a heated chamber. Best on the planet is Mymat nylon from spain.

    An alternative is to use flexible pla. Tougher than nylon and if printed fairly dense - it's pretty stiff too.

    But you will get stringing.
    Slicer settings like: not crossing open spaces if possible will help.
    But at th end of the day, nylon is known for it's stringing.

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