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    Question Newb at 3D Printing with bed detachment(?)/ nozzle filament curling(?) issues

    Hey there my new printing friends! I have an issue with my printer that I'm not sure how to fix or accurately diagnose. I'm hoping ya'll can help. This is my printer. It's an MP10 Mini and is only about a month old. I've had quite a few successes in printing miniatures for my D&D game but lately I'm running into and issue with bed detachment and first layer adhesion.
    I looked up common problems, such as bed temp and raised it to 100C, which worked for quite a while, but the last couple of times i've attempted prints, they come out like the photo below and i have to abort before I start making the dreaded spaghetti monster. One odd thing is that the curling ALWAYS occurs on the front left of whatever print i'm doing. I carefully watched the first few layers and noticed that for some reason as my nozzle approaches me on the Y-axis on the first few layers, the PLA filament curls a bit under the nozzle before detaching and moving on. This doesn't appear to be an issue in later layers of the print however so I'm completely stumped. I also lowered fan speeds thinking that maybe the fan was aimed in such a way as to cool in that direction too much but it didn't help. Neither did the assisted bed leveling.

    I also read that leaving filament in the printer between prints (overnight) is bad, and I did do this for a week or two before I learned it was a no-no. I'm hoping I didn't damage my extruder..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    your bed is not level.
    The filament curling under is a sign that the nozzle is too close to the bed.

    Either that or the gantry is not level.

    basically that's it :-)

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    I've no clue how to level beyond the auto-leveling function in the system.

    I've watched it curl before touching the plate at all though. Is it still too close?

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