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    Lightbulb Chances Are, You're Underselling Yourself. We Can Help.

    Have you set a high enough profit margin for your 3D printing business? Do you wonder whether you should be profiting more?

    At MakerOS, we've quoted thousands of projects, produced hundreds of thousands of individual parts, and have worked with countless professional services around the world that offer Additive Manufacturing. Chances are, you're underselling yourself.

    That’s why we've created the new on-demand webinar to guide you through pricing your services.

    What you'll take away from this webinar:

    • Find a base understanding of your true business costs for your Additive Manufacturing business.
    • Learn our proven framework for how to price each project based on technology, material, human, and other business factors.
    • Accurately calculate how much you should price for your Additive Manufacturing business.

    Access the free webinar here

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    When it comes to passing an applicant tracking system, your skills section is your best friend. This is the easiest way to insert keywords into your CV and highlight to the recruiter (and software) that you have the necessary skills for the role LiteBlue
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