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    Any ideas

    Hi, I’m new to the forum but I have been 3-D printing for about a year now and slowly learning how to tweak my prints and improve them. Today I am printing two models and I have a question about why one of them is missing lines and has gaps, but the other looks good. They are both printing at the same time and I can’t figure out why one looks different than the other.

    I'm using an Ender 3 Pro
    Cura 4.4.0

    0.12mm Layer Height
    40mm per second Print speed
    210 C nozzle temp

    Thanks for any suggestions
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    Consider to either attach your STL files to the message for others to analyze or to use a model test/repair site such as Netfabb Online Repair service to determine if there are flaws in the model. Meshmixer is one of the programs that will provide an indication of a failed model, although the repair option is limited, in my opinion.

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    could be the model - but it's an ender 3 - so could also be just about anything else.

    Bed not level, bowden tube at a bad angle, gantry sticking or not level etc
    Looks like the dodgy print is at the side that doesn't have the z-motor. so could be an uneven or sticking gantry.
    When the extruder is all the way across - away from the extruder motor, there are a couple of fairly tight angles in the tube that could cause an issue.

    Try printing one behind the other on the same side, as near to the left (z motor side) as you can.

    That will at least eliminate a couple of the potential issues and let you narrow things down a little.

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    Thanks for the quick responses and ideas. I will try the suggested fixes and see how it goes.

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