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right - that makes a bit more sense. Still looks too weak to be practical, also I don't see how you get a 200:1 gearing. All that's happening is that the 'tooth' transfers the outer gear rotation to the inner gear. It doesn't make the inner gear move really slow and the wear on the 'tooth' would be ridiculous at any kind of speed. not sure what you want to email and you seem to have lapsed into some weird dialect :-) But I'll pm you my email.
that's greatI promise they will call you divinci when you make the filethe file I have is meant to make 650:1 ( way too much )but its 10cm ( it has 325 teeth) with a 10:1 planetary and 65 points on top of itWe didn't get to putting the one tooth, ( he gave up ) If it is 200mm diameter then it can hold 40 points ( because 200/5mm)and if the planetary moves it moves at 5:1 (40x5)then the one tooth moves 200:1 and since the 40 teeth are attached to the planetary it uses less strength to moveA 200mm diameter is only 7cm(https://circumference-calculator.com/this thing saved my life, before the circumference calculator I was just a homeless bum just walking around ,now im a homeless bum walking around with a circumference calculator)You will be remember on earth and in heaven(when you make the one tooth gear)I pray to you , I bought an aardvark as a pet and worship it because of you