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Thread: 200:1 gearbox

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    200:1 gearbox

    the system I share with you will make a motor be able to be back driven at 200:1 and higher this planetary gear for some reason people only help with I pay and when I ask for help they only complain its really frustrating and even when I pay they constantly mess up so I keep payingand even sites are sabotaging me tell me to give them my identification and address?my government strictly forbid us from giving our identification online so I am not allowed if anyone can help me I would appreciate your helpI can make this 2000:1 and higher I hope someone will help its a huge loss when something so simple is being dragged in the dirt

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    okay, you do appear to be somewhat obsessed with this.

    The 10:1 thingiverse file would work and be easy to make.

    But the single tooth system you want would not work or be practical in anyway shape or form - no matter what material you made it from.

    People on this forum aren't being unhelpful they are simply telling you - repeatedly - that it's not going to work and isn't a good model for 3d printing.

    A setup like this:
    Would work, and IS practical and can be made with as large or small a ratio as you like.

    I'm quite happy to make this for you - but the one tooth system IS NOT GOING TO WORK :-)

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    I appreciate your reply
    I believe it will work

    Since I found the circumference scale

    It said a 8cm diameter has 200mm meaning a 5:1
    Planetary can have 40 points that are 5mm apart and the one tooth can make 200:1
    Which would be better then cyclodial
    Obviously I want to test it
    I have most of the file
    I am about to get this completed I will keep you posted
    I believe it will work

    Not only will it work.
    It will work better then other gears because two teeth will push and it is being pushed instead of rolling making it have even more torque than normal gears that roll
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    betcha a melton mowbray pork pie, it's not practical and won't work under any kind of load :-)
    lots of torque and 3d printed plastic =- not a great combination.

    what's wrong with the one I posted the video for ?
    Even that one would explode if you tried to harness all the torque it was putting out.

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    I had one person say it would work
    I am a believer!!
    He said
    5:1 with a
    200mm circumference
    With one tooth moving every 5mm would be 40 turns in a 200mm circumference times 5:1
    Would be 200:1
    I want you to take part
    If you can

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    so what;s wrong with a tried and tested system that we know works ?

    There are definite design issues with a one tooth setup.

    Nothing is centred, so either the large gear runs in an eliptical movement - meaning you need a much larger area than 200mm, or the tooth has to rotate within the outer gear, so that neeeds to be on an eliptical movement as well.
    Eliptical movements do no transfer energy as efficiently as centred mechanisms.
    It's also extremely weak.

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    Pass me an email
    I cant send the file for you to see where it is

    Everything is lined

    Pass me an email

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    I don't like spamming
    Spam is no good and it's not healthy
    You can't live on spam
    That stuff will get anyone
    ( If you don't like someone feed them spam)

    But here is where I am

    Still trying to have a one tooth gear concept made

    This is what is missing

    Just this

    I wrote this other site

    And now I have four listing

    So I won't keep writing them
    Please do this part

    I hope you will

    I know it will work
    And don't eat spam

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    Hey you said youd help

    And not to complain but

    You didn't

    Now people don't know what I'm saying
    They think im crazy

    Come on would you please mark the file

    Just send me a email

    For a big plate of

    melton mowbray pork pie,

    Ill bake you two plates

    I need the file

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    right - that makes a bit more sense.
    Still looks too weak to be practical, also I don't see how you get a 200:1 gearing.

    All that's happening is that the 'tooth' transfers the outer gear rotation to the inner gear. It doesn't make the inner gear move really slow and the wear on the 'tooth' would be ridiculous at any kind of speed.
    not sure what you want to email and you seem to have lapsed into some weird dialect :-) But I'll pm you my email.

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