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    FlashForge Inventor II leveling sensor issue

    I keep having the same issue with my FlashForge Inventor II, and am hoping someone on here has had the same problem and knows why it is happening. There is a small chip located on the front of the little sensor that drops down to make sure that the buildplate is level. The chip keeps popping off. It never happens when I am watching it. I work in a library, and apparently whenever our IT dept. has to replace the chip, it costs $200. My coworker and I are both getting frustrated, since neither of us can figure out why it would be happening. Has anyone else had this problem? I have attached a pic of the chip, as well as the sensor where the chip is missing.
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    have you contacted flashforge ?

    Also $200 seems ridiculously high, can i suggest a new it dept
    In the meantime some glue and a printed chip cover might fix the issue.

    Also check to see where the it dept are when the chip 'pops' out. Just a thought. $200 is enough to replace ALL the electronics in the entire machine, not just a single chip. Also if it pops out the odds are it'll pop straight back in.
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