Hi everyone, Recently got myself a creator pro. Got a recomendation from a buddy to use octoprint. got myself a pi4 and pi camera, set it up in the printer and attempted a print. The printer kicked into printing mode but did not preheat the nozzle at all. Is this a octoprint problem or a slic3r problem? I used https://www.instructables.com/id/Fla...i-2-Octoprint/ to get my setup going.I tried astroprint, but you cant select which nozzle is rimary and doesnt seem to have the customization that octoprint has.Other than my original problem i am looking to set up cura to work with octoprint, has anyone had any success with this? i cant find and how to do's about this.Also any recommendations on upgrades? I was thinking about getting all metal hotends and a glass bed. any input on any of this would be greatyl appreciated. Thanks