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    Question Inland Luminous PLA+ keeps warping/peeling up on the hotbed

    I have an Ender 3 Pro with the magnetic mat that is heated. The filament is Inland PLA+ Luminous Green. I've set the bed at 50 and 65 degrees and both times the print will start too warp and peel up in a corner of the print. I was printing a flat lithophane and two corners just started to come up off the bed, bend up so much that the extruder hit the piece and knocked it all off the bed.Has anyone experienced this? Are my settings wrong? Too hot? Too cold? Just a bad filament brand? Bad filament type to print flat items?Thanks for any help!

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    Hmm sounds like the bed's not perfectly level.
    Or your first layer speed is too fast, or your starting z-gap is too large, or the magnetic mats just aren't that sticky.

    Get some dimafix. I find A quick wipe with that and everything sticks and releases well when cold.
    One usage lasts for a few months as well.
    I'm still using the free 20 ml samples I got 2 years ago from the tct show :-)

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    I'll look into getting Dimafix. With the black Inland PLA+ I have, I never had any warping/lifting issue and all the settings remained the same.

    I like your suggestion of slowing down the first layer to ensure strong adhesion. I ran through my usual process of leveling the bed so I don't think that could be the main culprit.

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    HELLO How would I slow down the first layer?Ender 3 ProCura 4.4 (or something like that version)

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    After opening up your file in Cura, before you slice it, open up the slicing settings. There should be a setting called speed. It may just show only one filed but if you click on the settings gear, you will have the option to show all the other settings for Speed. Add an check next to the Initial Layer Speed. You will then be able to set that speed separately from the rest of the print.

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    Thank you. I’ll also see about that dimafix

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