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    Particle size for filling resin with metal powder

    For a school project I am doing research into printing metal with SLA. For this I tried printing with ferrolite which is an Iron filled resin. The laser of the form2 we have is to weak to print this. To further my research, I was advised to look more into what makes the metal filled resin.For this we will be using different resins and add metal powder to it and we will also try to print with it. The only thing is that I don’t really know what kind of particle size would be fitting for this. Would I be able to use metal powder from a DMLS/SLM printer which has a particle size of around 20-40 micron?Does anyone here know what kind of particle size I should use for this?

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    what is the point ?

    It won't make the resin stronger and unless really really fine powder it'll just settle to the bottom of the resin.

    I don't see any practical usage for this.

    Also the metal powder will reflect the light/uv and either cause unwanted curing or insufficient curing in the right places.

    Just don't see why you would bother :-)
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