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    Trouble with New SLA Printer,...

    I am sure this is just because I am new first off,... I am trying to print a Star Citizen Freelancer (Space Ship Model). I get it to slice and everything and transfer to the printer, a Proton S that just came in the mail today. The problem bing there seems to be almost No Ship,... The supports are there and some of the Wing, but no sides or anything of the ship. Also on the Printer Display on the photo, it seems as though there arre no sides showing up,...

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    Prusa slicer shows 391,000+ modeling errors. Meshmixer shows that the entire outer surface has reversed normals. Prusa slicer repaired the reversed normals, but the repaired/exported model has so many discontinuities that this is a completely unprintable model. It's a great looking piece of art, but not a printable item.

    Don't blame yourself. The above text is a comment I left to the Thingiverse post. This is a failure on the part of the creator to ensure a printable model.

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    Thank You for the quick info,... Dayum shame as that was one of the main prints I wanted,... Going to have to try and print a Millenium Falcon or X-Wing to get my Space Ship kick,... Can you tell me is there a way for me to check prints b4 I send them to print,..?

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    I use Meshmixer to check some models that may be questionable. When the model is imported, portions are outlined/highlighted in red and blue, while reversed normals take on a striped appearance. For minor/smaller errors, the feature Analysis/Inspector will make an attempt to repair. For more severe problems, the netfabb online repair service has surprised me at how well it works, but it's not universal either. Another surprising repair utility is part of Windows 10 3D builder program. PrusaSlicer 2 will also perform repairs. When imported into PrusaSlicer, the slicing process and "playback" shows the huge gaps in the build caused by the errors.

    The model you attempted is so flawed that none of the available resources will solve. The Thingiverse post is a model that was created using a clearly flawed process.

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