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    Stratasys uPrint Bulk ABS plus more for sale - No reserve

    Hey folks,

    We upgraded our printers at work and the boss was about to toss all this filament in the dumpster. I took it home instead.

    It's all on eBay now in one giant lot.

    $0.99 starting bid! Have at'er!

    6 x ABS P430 (IVR) - unopened
    1 x ABS P430 (NAT) - unopened
    7 x P400-SR - unopened

    2 x ABS P430 (IVR) - torn outer package
    1 x ABS P430 (NAT) - torn outer package

    15 x modeling bases 6"x8" - unused and clean

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    Less than three hours left and still very low!

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