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    3D Printer Recommendation... (please)


    I'm new to 3D printing and am after some recommendations for a decent 3D printer and software.

    My main use for this printer will be for some small hard wearing, tough plastic parts i.e. transom caps and some more flexible rubber style objects.

    I don't mind spending money on a decent machine and would appreciate any thoughts you guys might have.

    I would also like to hear thoughts on scanners and if there are any good ones about that work well with certain machines / software.

    I mainly use Macs, but if needs be have access to a Windows machine.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    what's a transom cap ?
    what is your budget ?
    what's the largest thing you might need to print ?
    scanners - best 'cheap' one is the scaninabox:

    But generally it's quicker and a lot more accurate to learn how to duplicate yourself with digital calipers and a cad program - I use openscad.

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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I have come to the same conclusion and have started to learn CAD using Fusion360. There are some great tutorials on line and so far it's making sense.

    I have been looking at the Original Prusia i3 MK3S Kit as it seems to have good reviews and prints in a variety of filaments. Any thoughts?

    Cheers, Stophen.

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    well check out the prusa mini - half the price and actually more advanced. Slightly smaller print volume.

    As far as tough filaments goes - for most from nylon to polycarbonate, you need an enclosed heated print chamber and hi-temp hotends.

    That said the toughest filament I use is flexible pla. Pretty much indestructible and so tough it won't sand with my usual sanding blocks. Just laughs at them and says: 'is that all you got ? '

    Pet-g will print without an enclosure. But for the hi-temp extra strong materials a heated enclosure is fairly essential.
    have a look at the qidi printers on amazon

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