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    Is 3d printing worth it?

    Hi All,

    I am considering getting my first 3d flat for sale in thane printer and I am wondering if it is really worth it? Like is a roll of filament 1 bhk in vikhroli really apartments in dadar gonna cost less than getting a new "thing"? I understand that it allows you to make custom objects but for general use (such as replacement parts and enclosures) is it worth the money? senior living homes in india

    Also how much does it cost in the long run and how much is 1KG filament enough for?
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    1 kg of filament can make 1 thing or several hundred.
    Obviously depends on the size and density of the thing being made.

    Given that much of what I design and make is unique - then obviously it's cheaper, as you can't buy most of what I make :-)

    As fara s replacing broken widgets goes.
    Often you can't buy them anyway - so again how do you cost a thing you can't buy ?

    If you are making a thing that is cheaply mass produced in china, often it's cheaper to buy the thing.

    Depends of your sensibilities and what you are making. If you make it yourself you can add custom features and change the design to make it stronger or a different colour or weigh less etc.

    So yes - it is worth it :-)

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    Is a table saw worth it? Is a set of golf clubs worth it? Is an iphone worth it? Only you can answer the questions is a new hobby worth it to you? This is not like buying a desktop printer and printing books.. there is a big learning curve so keep that in mind. After 2 year I have learned enough CAD to design small accessories for a piece of equipment that is used to sharpen knives and am actually bringing in money. I don't consider it making money until all expended hardware cost have been recovered.. These are not figures, vases, or other non useful bobbles, they are functional mechanical parts that were custom designed with a high level or accuracy. I had no idea I would be doing this when I started. It was worth it even without income.. being able to design and fabricate what you can not buy at a store or online is priceless
    Good luck!

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    I had printed only a few items that I wanted and have already saved the price of both my 3D Printers.
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    yeah I made some adaptors that let me use cheap diamond plates with my cheap chinese knife sharpener.
    Being able to start a knife off with 2-400grit diamond plates makes starting a new knife a LOT quicker then just using the stone plates.

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