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    why not just do it as a single print ? don't see why you need a snap fit at all.
    Good question. I assume you're talking about printing it on its side? (see image below)


    If we do that, how smooth / flat will the surfaces come out?

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    Printed in the orientation you've displayed will result in layer lines running vertically when the stand is in the operational position. That's not a great concern in my opinion. One must expect that the "screen" text is reference only and not part of the printed model. That would complicate the quality of the print, requiring supports and the mess that results.

    I had figured you wanted a two part print to allow for disassembly and storage or more compact shipping. Any other reason is acceptable, since many 3D printing projects have personal foundations.

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    Hi Fred, that's exactly right, the "screen" text is for reference only.

    And being able to disassemble for shipping is a huge plus, in fact now that I think about it may be necessary as I don't have a 3D printer of my own, so I don't have the luxury of taking it straight off the print bed and using it

    but yes, great point @curious aardvark about printing orientation

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