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    PETG: I'm not sure what I'm looking at

    Hello!I was trying to use PETG for my new project but having some weird problems with it.IMG_20191231_185029.jpgIMG_20191231_185054.jpg The first few layers are very good. I'm not sure what's happening. At first I thought that the nozzle is drilling through the bottom layers. It was just getting worse and worse.I stop the print and after a moment I realize that the only thing what changed during printing is the fan.So I switch of the fan in Cura, changed temperature from 225-230C in case if it's something to do with layer adhesion and slightly lower the E steps as it was feeding 4-6% more material. Printing on 1mm nozzle with 20% infill 0.32mm layer height and 75 mm/s speed. It's a cheap generic roll from ebay for around 12 pounds xD But I did use this filament before to print a home case for my skr board. The print wasn't brilliant but decent enough. But still after those changes still the same. No idea what may be wrong.Right that's about it now tell me what do you see?
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    okay pet-g is NOT pla.

    It needs to be printed slowly and fairly hot. You've got no chance at 75mm/s
    Also looks like you're too low on temp.
    Start at 30mm/s and maybe 240c. The print bed also needs to be pretty hot. Can't remember off hand, but 70-90c would seem reasonable.

    It's also a bugger to get the retractions right as well.

    Don't get me wrong once you find the magic settings for you machine, it's amazingly strong stuff. But easy to use - it is not.

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