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    PLA stuck on printer nozzle and extruder

    I left the printer on for the night to print some rollers for a mecanum wheels and in the morning,after 17 hrs of printing a lot of plastic was stuck on the nozzle as you can see in the pictures
    Does any of you guys know what we can do to clean it?
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    PLA will transfer heat pretty well, which means you should be able to turn the heater block on and allow it a few minutes to soften the mass. It may start to droop on its own or you would apply pressure with a tool in the downward direction. Obviously, use gentle force to clear the mass away.

    Another approach to consider is to apply a soldering iron to the outside of the mass, again applying gentle downward pressure. The iron will heat the plastic at the same time as the heater block and provide additional force to clear it from the assembly.

    I've read of people using heat guns, but that's a large volume less-precise heat application and may damage other components of the printer.

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    yeah just heat nozzle and scrape and wipe away., we've all been there :-)

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    having one of these handy works really well at the final clean up after you get the gob off and in between print jobs to keep the nozzle clean.

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    And don't forget to adjust that Z offset. All the filament on the nozzle and none on the bed usually means not enough squish and your nozzle needs to be closer to the bed on the first layer.

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